Our Mission

  • Present the Gospel
  • Help people follow Christ
  • Prioritize prayer and worship
  • Meet needs by sharing God’s love
  • Develop and expand community

Our Vision

To see people saved and equipped to serve Jesus Christ

First Baptist Church is part of the Baptist General Conference, also known under the missional name of Converge Worldwide. We are also part of the Heartland District, a regional group of churches within the broader scope of the BGC. View the Converge Worldwide and Converge Heartland sites here:

Our Ministries


We are excited for another fun filled year of Sparks!

The goal of Awana is to reach boys and girls with the gospel of Christ and train them to serve Him. At First Baptist Church we are honored to work with students from Kindergarten to Second grade.


Sparks Calendar 2020-2021

September 2 Welcome Flight 3:16
16 The Bible
23 Prayer
30 God is Love

October 7 Scavenger Hunt Night
14 In the Beginning
21 Testimony Night
28 Real Hero Night

November 4 The Fall
11 Parents Night
18 Noah and the Flood (Dress in favorite rainbow color
26 Thanksgiving No Sparks

December 2 Happy Birthday Jesus
Dec. 9- Jan. 6 No Sparks

January 13 Tower of Babel
20 Missions Night
27 Books of the Bible

February 3 Baby Moses
10 God Helps Moses
17 Carnival Night
24 God Saves Israelites

March 3 Israelites Complain
10 Spring break
17 Joshua and Caleb (Spy Night)
24 Barf Night
31 Joshua and the Israelites Make Good Choices

April 7 Obey your Parents
14 Prep Night
21 Awards Night